Monday, June 26, 2017


Hello UK! pioneered on a series of interviews with UK universities in October 2008. We aim to provide Taiwanese students with the little bit extra information that has always been important but never easy to find in the standard brochures. Potential students thinking about going there to study can contact universities or their local reps with their queries while alumni share their experiences with members in the interview designated forum.

Bournemouth University offers fantastic courses on Tourism, Events and Hospitality as well as many other subjects. Situated in an environment that will help you get the most out of your study and student life there, it certainly is a university worth considering.

Bubbly Shona encourages Taiwanese students to study in Strathclyde as Scotland is not as cold as most people expect it to be, and Scottish people are very warm and friendly!

Neil shared with us his thoughts and suggestions on how to make your application better and why it is important to make it your own.

As the Regional Manager of East Asia and married to a Taiwanese, Vicky is very familiar with Taiwanese students. Read about her insight suggestions to you!

Enzo shared news about University of Nottingham's new international campus in China and Malaysia where students can choose to go to and his thoughts that students should look into what they want and need for the future when it comes to choosing courses instead of just following the trend.

Naomi shared with us her experience with international students. Read her sincere and useful advice and suggestions below that will help you understand Newcastle University more and enjoy your time better there!

With various kind of courses and a business school very much favoured by Taiwanese students, it is an especially exciting time to join the University of Manchester as it invests £650 million in itself and aims to become one of the best universities in the world!

Clare shared with us many interesting facts about UEA. Read about them and the advice from the International Office below to see what UEA can offer you and how you can increase your opportunity to get a place to study there!

I interviewed Jo, Julia and Robert over breakfast in their hotel. I am not sure if the hotel is a 5-star one, but the enthusiasm, care and love they showed for their students certainly is!

I met up with lovely Diane after she'd been talking to students and parents all day long. Still she shared her experiences with us very generously and encourages Taiwanese students to show their enthusiasm, step out and contribute in class!

Emma has been here many times and is very familiar with Taiwanese students. She gave some very sincere advices especially on how students should be realistic about the time frame they need to prepare and improve their English ability and test results.

This is Katie's first time in Taiwan. She came with great enthusiasm to introduce Sussex to us and hope to welcome more and more Taiwanese students in the future to Sussex.

James was a student at Aston University himself. He knows what it is like to study in Aston and stay in the student halls. He shared with us some very exciting news about Aston and its career-focused culture in the interview.