這次抱歉中文帳號無法順利移轉 :( 英文帳號已經移轉,但是密碼無法移轉,您可以按此重設密碼,按照步驟就可以重設新密碼

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    I am a graduate student of St Anne's College and I think St Anne's is a very fine college. It may not be the richest college in Oxford but it certainly has some of the nicest and most exciting people there. The accommodation is not bad also.

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    My apology for sending another message here. I just realised that most people in this section of the forum are from Taiwan. I am not from Taiwan but I hope you would allow be to be part of this forum. I can read Chinese but I cannot type.

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    基本上 根據 NSW Fair Trading 的規定

    商家不一定要接受refund的要求 除非是以下三種情況

    You are entitled to ask the trader for a refund if the item you bought is:

    • not of acceptable quality

    • does not match the description

    • does not match the sample or demonstration model shown to you.

    而且如果商家那米粒大的conditions 有以下字句的話 就算違法~

    The following signs are illegal, for example:

    'No refunds',

    'No refunds after 7 days',

    'We will exchange or repair or give a credit note but we do not refund'

    但如果那米粒大的conditions 寫的是下列字句的話就不算違法

    'No refund for incorrect choice' or

    'No refunds if you change your mind'

    你最好戴上放大鏡回去好好端詳那米粒大的conditions 是否違法吧~ Good Luck~



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    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!看過單據上是有合法的conditions的, 所以我是不能refund or exchange 的…..唉~~~~其實她們如果真的沒貨,不能換都沒所謂, 因為我也很喜歡那裙子的, 只是很生氣她們就是把所有責任推給我,千錯萬錯都怪我自己笨之類><天啊, 我是顧客好不好! 中國人的店都是這樣的, 真給華人丟臉!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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