▒Private assistant wanted

本帖由 coolprofessor2010-03-22 發佈。版面名稱:博士及後博士研究討論區

  1. 徵私人秘書. 商科背景. 行銷尤佳. 會統計軟體操作. 博士學歷. 中英文精通
    薪資可議. 地區不限. 有網路或Skype 即可工作

    酬高. 工作時數自訂. 歡迎在學博士生應徵 . 附上履歷及學歷證明文件.

    Details are as follows:

     Degree in Business is ideal, preferably majored in Marketing.
     Knowledge and proficiency of Statistics software systems ( Familiar with AMOS Statistics software systems or willing to learn )
     Doctor’s degree (Current Doctor’s undergraduates or postgraduates both welcome), and fluent in both Chinese and English.
     Highly paid ; Salary negotiable
     Local or overseas are welcome.
     Flexible working hours.
     You can start any time , as long as you have access to the internet or Skype

    Send in your resume, student card and proof of graduation certificates to [email protected] with your school email address NOW!