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    Hello ANZ!代PO本篇討論串,原討論始於2012~

    They flew in from around the world, chasing the Australian dream, but now they can't wait to fly right back out. So what's causing this mass exodus?

    The latest figures show that migrants are leaving Australia in record numbers.

    There are those who want to stay, and those who can't wait to leave. The grass is supposed to be greener, but it seems ‘the sunburnt country’ is losing its appeal.

    Last year alone the number of people coming here to live dropped by nine per cent to 127,000. As well as that 88,000 left, planning to never return. That's double the number of a decade ago.

    Travel agent Lisa left the United States ten years ago, and now she's among the tens of thousands of migrants who wants to move back home.

    “I find Australians in general not as accepting of foreigners. TVs, fridges, cars - they're double or triple the price here. Movies take like three months to get here and there's nothing to do at night. All I think about is going home,” Lisa said.

    Joining the queue are ping pong poms, Kevin and Lynne Ward. The couple moved back home to England after a month long visit to Perth.

    When they first applied to come to Australia, Kevin - a qualified plumber - was told he'd be in demand. It was good enough to get a Skilled Migrants Visa, but not good enough to get a job when he finally arrived with his family.

    “If you're an English plumber, with all the qualifications under the sun, you might as well throw them in the bin - they're not worth the paper they're written on,” Kevin said.

    But when the Wards finally arrived, Kevin was told to retrain. They’ve called it quits, and back home it was - feeling like they were sold a dud.

    They went back home - a 30,000 kilometre round trip.

    “We ended up ringing the shipping company and saying ‘leave the stuff on the container, just send it straight back again’,” Lynne said.

    The adventure down under cost them a $100,000.

    Daphne Loffman is a nurse who’s just moved to Perth from England with her family, hoping for a better, easier lifestyle. But it's been anything but.

    “Everything's more expensive,” she said.

    “We wanted to stay. We didn't spend that money, and all that time and effort, for a laugh, and to sit here and moan about it,” Daphne said.

    Coming to Australia is a huge commitment, and an expensive exercise.

    “They told me that it would be ten to fifteen years, and if I wanted citizenship, I'd have to fork out about $34,000,” said Jan Peters.

    Peters is the flip-side. She actually wants to stay in Australia, but fears she'll have to move back home to New Zealand.

    “It leaves a sick feeling in your tummy, even though you're contributing, you're working hard, and you're making a good life - you're doing all the right things,” Peters said.

    Like so many other migrants, it's Australia's rules, regulations and red tape that's putting her off, and forcing her aboard the migrant merry-go-round.

    “I've had the advice, and I don't see the point in going through the process of applications, so I haven't done that. Maybe I should,” she said.

    TV and radio personality Jono Coleman thinks “Australia does have a bit of an image problem.”

    According to Coleman “life is more expensive, petrol's more expensive, and going to the supermarket is more expensive.”

    Coleman's parents were ‘ten pound poms’. He chased fame and fortune back in the Motherland, before returning home to Australia.

    Seeing it from both sides, he says it's time for an image overhaul as Australia's reputation overseas is getting trashed.

    “There's a joke that goes around in the UK: ‘What's the difference between a tub of yoghurt and an Australian?’ And they say ‘the tub of yoghurt has got more culture’,” Coleman said.

    And Australia’s also getting more expensive. A report by public policy think tank, The Centre for Independent Studies, has found our cost of living is spinning out of control.

    Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are now among the top twenty priciest cities in the world, where a decade ago they would've just scraped into the top 100.

    “That's one of the things we don't realise about Australia - we're not just a great immigration country, but we're a great emigration country,” Professor Graeme Hugo, the head of The Australian Population and Migration Research Centre at the University of Adelaide, said.

    Professor Hugo says it's time the Federal Government focuses more on stemming the stampede abroad, rather than trying to keep the migrants out.

    “The increase in cost of living in Australia may be one of the factors which is encouraging some people to go back. I think a lot go back because they miss that interaction with family, and also lifestyle factors. You know things don't turn out quite as they expected they might,” Professor Hugo said.

    The worst part is we are losing our best and brightest as highly skilled workers, our most educated, are lining up to live elsewhere.

    “I often think that Australia could well do to have an emigration policy as well as an immigration policy,” Professor Hugo said.

    But it may be too little too late, especially for those migrants already on their way home.

    來源: http://au.news.yahoo.com/today-tonight/lifestyle/article/-/12721871/migrants-leaving-australia/

    剛剛上網看到 today tonight 的報導, 提到越來越多的移民離開澳洲, 原因不外乎是生活成本太高; 或許是考完公民考試, 還沒拿到證書, 心態上只是覺得離在澳洲安定下來的目標又近了一步, 不過我對 today tonight 的報導都會抱著些許懷疑的態度, 像美國的狀況真的有比澳洲好嗎? 這些來到澳洲多年又想要回去的人, 會不會也有需要面對的問題? 不知道其他人怎樣看? (不過這個報導就幾乎沒有提到亞洲移民迫不及待的想回母國的情況, 怎不去採訪那些只能持有單一國籍的人?)

    Pedro 說:


    那再來當然就是要批評的時間到了,澳洲其實是個很保守的國家,有時已經到自閉的情況,但是眾多的國民不在乎,天塌下來也沒關係,只要我澳洲過得舒服就好,我覺得這是澳洲的蝸牛心態。澳洲過去出產了許多諾貝爾獎以及專業技術強的專業人士,這些人最後都去了哪裡呢??多數是去了美國,那爲什麽要去美國?這是個老掉牙的問題了,之前Dr Charles Teo受到媒體專訪時已經提起了這個問題,別看現在美國一般民眾失業率高飯碗跌破的窘境,美國政府對於高技術人才的吸收還是沒有停止過的,許多科技的研發還是願意注入高資金,那澳洲呢??Dr Teo說他的同業在美國,同樣的研究政府的金援是五年一千多萬美金,而澳洲呢?區區一年幾十萬澳幣,這就是美國的軟實力!政府一貫的態度。這樣的例子實在是多如牛毛,每每道來令人感慨,不過這也是無奈吧!這就是澳洲特殊的性格,我們要安慰自己其實澳洲從Howard政府執政以來已經有許多大躍進式,很大的進步了。

    在澳洲高技術的人才是不受重視的,也許在雪梨這樣大城市的CBD會不大一樣吧!但出了CBD的那幾條街你又回到澳洲了。多數的老百姓就覺得一個農夫跟一個專業會計師的差別不大,政府即使惜才,願意給你的錢就是那幾塊錢,隔壁的大佬可是願意給你數十倍甚至百倍的錢啊! 說來這是澳洲的優點也是澳洲的缺點,對於一個想要平靜一成不變、穩定安樂生活的人,澳洲會是個仙境;反之一個想要突破、天天都有競爭的人,你來錯地方了!亞洲就在隔壁,趕快過去吧!這是現在世界上比較熱的發展點,至少目前勉強還是。

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