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    What time do you start check-in?你們何時開始辦理登機?
    Do you have a seating preference? 你對座位有什麼偏好嗎?
    Do you prefer window or aisle seattiing?你比較喜歡靠窗或是走道的位子?
    ★I was informed (told)......我被..告.....知
    Please give me a new reservation. 請幫我重新訂位。
    I'd like to reconfirm my flight.我想要再確認班機。
    How will we know when our flight is ready to board?我們怎麼知道何時開始登機?
    What's the flight number and departure time?請告訴我班機號碼與起飛時間?
    When will the next flight to Los Angeles leave?下一班飛往洛杉機的班機何時起飛?
    Where is boarding gate for China airline CA173?China airline CA173?的登機們在哪?
    Could you show us which way our boarding gate is?你能夠指出我們的登機門在哪?
    Could you please tell me the way to Gate xx? 請你告訴我登機門XX怎麼走好嗎?
    Will you show me to my seat, please? 請帶我到我的座位好嗎?
    Could I hang this bag in the closet? 這個行李袋我可以放在吊櫃裏嗎?
    Excuse me. Would you mind trading seats with me? 對不起。您介意跟我換位子嗎?
    Would you show me how to work this? 請你教我怎麼啟動這個好嗎?
    May I recline my seat? 我是否可將座位向後傾倒?
    Will this flight get there on time?這班班機會準時到達嗎?
    Excuse me. Is this the transit counter? 抱歉,這裡是辦裡過境的櫃檯嗎?
    Do I need to check in again? 我需要再辦裡登機手續嗎?
    I'm in transit to Melbourne 我是轉機去墨爾本
    How can I get to the connecting flight counter of China airline?
    I'm anxious about my connecting flight.我擔心能否趕上轉機班機。
    My flight had been cancelled. 我的斑機被取消了
    Sorr, we missed our flight. So what should we do now? 抱歉,我們錯過班機了?現在該怎麼辦?
    ★Can you check to see whether there is another flight to Athens Today? 可否檢查今天是否還有其他班機飛往雅典?
    I hope you can book me on another flight to Athens 我希望你可以幫忙訂另一班班機去雅典
    Let’s make sure we won’t miss our flight. 讓我們確認我們將不會錯過班機
    Please validate my pass 請確認我的通行證
    May I have some medicine for airsickness? 請給我一些暈機藥好嗎?
    May I have an airsickness bag? 請給我一個嘔吐袋好嗎?
    Please fill in the disembarkation card and the Baggage Declaration Form. 請填寫入境卡及行李申報單
    Excuse me. Will you tell me how to fill out this disembarkation card? 對不起。請教我怎麼填寫這張入境卡好嗎?
    May I have another entry card? I've made some mistakes.我可以再要一張入境卡嗎?我有些地方寫錯了。
    Can you tell me what I should write here? 請告訴我這兒該寫什麼好嗎?
    don't have anything to declare. 我沒有什麼東西要申報的。
    These are for my personal use.這些是我私人使用的東西。
    Does it not allow to bring into your country? 不能允許過海關嗎 ?
    I have to confiscate it. 我必須沒收它
    Where can I get my baggage?我在何處可取得行李?
    Lost And Found:失物處理
    My baggage seems to be missing. 我的行李好像遺失了
    Here is my claim tag.這是我的行李票。
    How many pieces of baggage have you lost? 你總共遺失了幾件行李?
    Can I see your baggage claim tag? 我可以看一下行李條嗎?
    It is a medium, black case with wheels. 中型黑色有附輪子的
    Where can I get a luggage crate? 哪裡有行李推車?
    Could you deliver it to my hotel as soon as you find (located)it? 找到之後可以送到飯店給我嗎?
    How soon will you find out? 多久可以找到?
    Please deliver the baggage to my hotel as soon as you've located it.一旦找到行李,請立即送到我停留的飯店。
    Compensation 賠賞金
    Excess Baggage:超重行李
    Is traffic oftten heavy in this city? 經常塞車嗎?
    How are you planning to get around this city? 妳打算如何參觀這城市?
    How about walking? 用走的如何?
    Whom should I ask to? 我該問誰?
    Where is main area for shopping? 主要逛街區在哪?
    Please let me know half an hour before we arrive at Brussels. 抵達布魯塞爾之前半個小時請通知我一聲。
    Is there signs on the way? 路上有標示嗎?
    Are there any signs on the way? 路上有任何指標嗎?
    Is the right way to back to XXXX? 到XXXX是這個方向嗎??
    Which way is North? 北方在哪裡?
    How far is it by taxi? 搭計程車有多遠?
    How long does it take to get there (to airport)? 去那裡要多久?
    Is it too far to walk? 走路太遠麼?
    How long does it take to get there on foot? 步行去那裡需要多長時間?
    Would you please draw me a map? 請你幫我畫個地圖好嗎?
    Could you show me the way on this map? 你能在地圖上給我指路嗎?
    How long will we stop here? 我们在这里停留多久撘公車
    Could you tell me the bus number to get to the XXXX? 到某處請問撘幾號公車?
    Which bus to XXX?那班公車可以到?
    Is there a bus to XXX?有公車到哪裡嗎
    How many stops to Melbourne? 去墨爾本要停多少站?
    How long is the stop over? 中間停留多久?
    How often does bus run? 公車多久來一班?
    Do I need to buy ticket first? 我必須先買車票嗎?
    One-way or roundtrip? 單程或是來回?
    Please remind us whe we get to XXXX,OK? 當我們到達某處請提醒我們下車
    How soon does the next train come? 下班火車多快來呢?
    I took the wrong but. 我撘錯公車了
    Get off at the forth stop. 在第四站下車
    I’ll like to get off at the airport, please. 我要到機場
    I want to make a phone call. 我要打電話
    Can I dial directly? 可以直接撥號嗎?
    I’ll like to place a local call. 我想打一通室內電話
    I’ll like to place a long-distance call. 我想打一通長途電話
    I’ll like to place a overseas call to Taiwan. 我想打一通越洋電話
    Please keep trying and call me when you get on the line. 請繼續試
    Please cennect me with room XXX. 請幫我接客房XXX
    Please charge fee to my room. 請將費用算在我的帳上
    I called from XXX. 我在某處打過電話
    I’ll like to join(take) this tour. 我想參加這個行程
    May I know more detail schedule? 我可以知道更多詳細行程嗎?
    I’ll like some informations about........我想一些資料關於.......
    May I reserve it now? 我可以現在預訂嗎?
    Is this tour all-inclusive? 包含全部費用嗎?
    Is there a pick up service at the hotel? 有旅館接送服務嗎?
    Do you have a five days land tour recently? 最近有五天內陸的旅遊嗎?
    When and where do we start? 出發的時間跟地點呢?
    Where can I board the ferry? 那裡上遊輪?
    Which tour do you recommend? 你推薦那個旅遊行程?
    I’ll like to ask you about.........我想請問你關於...........
    Do you offer Chinese translation guide for us? 你可以提供中文翻譯導遊嗎?
    Do we have a Chinese-speaking guide? 有中文導遊嗎?
    Do I have enough time to take pictures? 我有足夠時間拍照嗎?
    What time does the next flight leave(take off)? 下班飛機何時起飛?
    What time do we need to come back here? 我們需要何時回來?
    How long do we stop here? 在這裡停留多久?
    Recommend me some good sightseeing to visit, please. 請建議我值得去參觀的景點.
    where are the best attractions that we couldn’t miss? 哪裡有好的景點我們絕不能錯失呢?
    What scenic attractions do you recommend? 哪裡有好的景點我們絕不能錯失呢?
    Could you tell me some interesting places in this town? 能告訴我一些好玩的地方嗎?
    Where is the place to enjoy a nice view?  在哪能看到美好風光
    Can I take pictures inside Museum? 可以在博物館裏照相嗎?
    Where is the tickets window? 售票口在哪?
    ★Who should I contact in case of emergency? 如有緊急狀況我該連聯絡誰?
    I though we were on a limitted budget.我想我們預算有限
    Here is my confirmation slip. 這是我的確認單
    I'll arrive late, but please keep my reservation. 我會晚一點到達,請保留所預訂的房間。
    Is hot water available any time? 隨時都有熱水供應嗎?
    May I see the room first?我可以看一看房間嗎?
    Do you have any porter to take our baggages to our rooms? 有行李搬運員幫忙嗎?
    What time are meals (breadfast)offered? 用餐(早餐)時間是幾點?
    Could you call and reserve a taxi for me? (on 5 june ‘s moring) 可以請你幫我預約計程車嗎
    Do you have vacancies for double room type? 你有雙人房型空房嗎
    Please give me quiet rooms,please.請給我一間安靜的房間
    Do you have anything bigger (better/cheaper)?是否還有更大的(更好的/更便宜的)房間?
    I want to stay three days longer.我想再多住三個晚上.
    Is breakast included? 早餐是否已包含於費用內?
    What is the rate? 房價多少?
    How much is it per night? 每晚費用為多少?
    Is there a discount for staying several days? 若停留數日是否有任何折扣?
    The rate is higher than we expected. 房價比我們預期的還高.
    Is there any additional charges? 有額外收費嗎?
    Does it include tax and service charge?費用是否包含稅與服務費?
    Would you be kind enough to check for me? 妳可以幫我查查看嗎?
    Do you accept credit crads(traveler's checks)? 這裡可使用信用卡(旅行支票)嗎?
    Where is the nearest subway station? 最近的地鐵站在那裡?
    What time is the breadfast served? 早餐幾點開始供應
    The air conditioner is broken. 空調壞了
    Please send somebody up ,O.K? 請叫人上來好嗎?
    Would we Late check out at 4 pm WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGE?我們可以到下午四點離開不用另外付費嗎?
    Room key for XXX,please.請給我房間鑰匙XXX
    When will it be ready?什麼時候會準備好?
    I’d like to stay one more night. 我要多住一晚
    we are leaving early tomorrow.So, I lik to ask you to call and reserve a taxi for us.我們明天一大清早離開,所以,我可以請你幫我們先叫好計程車嗎??
    Please send up a porter. 請派人來拿行李
    Could you bring my baggage down to the lobby tomorrow morning? 明早你是否能幫我將行李拿到大廳?
    May I leave baggage here till this afternoon? 我可以寄放行李到下午嗎?
    Give me a moring call at 6 am for all three days. please. 這三天請六點叫我起床
    Could you wake me up at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning? 明早7點能叫我起床嗎?
    I'd like a wake-up call, please.我想設定早晨的呼叫鈴。
    What time does supermarket open? 超級市場幾點營業
    Can you recommend a good restaurant for dinner?你能推薦一家好餐廳用晚餐嗎?
    Please bring me a pot of coffee (boiled water).請送給我一壺咖啡(熱水)。
    ★We are leaving for the airport at 8:30 am tomorrow morning. 明早8點半要到機場
    I found there is a mistake in my bill.我發現帳單上有錯!!
    I enjoy my stay.我住的很愉快。
    I want a restaurant with reasonable prices.我想去一家價位合理的餐廳。
    Is there a Chinese restaurant around here?這附近是否有中國餐廳?
    Are there any inexpensive restaurants near here?這附近是否有價位不貴的餐廳?
    We are a group of six我們共有六人
    We’d like to have a table tighter 我們想併桌
    We'll come around eight o'clock.我們大約在8點到達。
    Could you recommend a nice restaurant near here? 你能推薦附近的一個好點的餐館嗎
    Do you know of any restaurant open now? 你知道有現在開門的餐館嗎
    Is this seat vacant? 我可以坐這裡嗎?
    Is this seat taken? 這個座有人嗎?
    May I sit next to you? 我可以做你旁邊嗎?
    Do you have any vegetarian dishes on the menu? 否有供應素食餐?
    Do you have vegetarian dishs?餐廳是否有供應素食餐?
    Can you make it mild? 能做的清淡嗎?
    Can I have my bill? 結帳
    May I order, please? 買單
    What is the difference in price? 在價格上有何不同?
    Is there a minimun per person order? 有最低消費限制嗎 ?
    How late is it open? 最晚到幾點?
    How long is the wait? 要等多久?
    Could we have a table on the garden? 我們可以要張在園子裡的桌子嗎?
    What do you have for today’s special? 你們今天有特餐嗎?
    Can I have the same dish as that? 我可以點跟那ㄧ樣的菜嗎?
    Can we have a table in the corner? 我可以選靠角落的位子嗎?
    I’d like a table by the window 我想要靠窗的桌子
    What time does it open and close? 什麼時候開門和結束?
    May I have the receipt, please.請給我收據。
    Beef Steak:牛排(分Raw生的;Rafe較生;Medium Rare三分;Medium五分熟Medium Well 稍為熟一點;Well Done幾乎熟
    omlete with everything but olives
    Poached Eggs:水煮荷包蛋
    Scrambled Eggs:炒蛋
    酸的 sour
    甜的 sweet
    苦的 bitter
    辣的 peppery hot, hot
    辛辣的 spicy
    鹹的 salt, salty
    又苦又甜 bittersweet
    臭的 stinky
    香的 fragrant
    可口的 savoury
    油膩的 greasy
    清淡的 insipid, light
    濃稠的 thick
    稀的 thin
    好吃! yum, yummy
    Where is the shopping area in this town? 購物區在城鎮的什麼地方
    Where is the nearest supermarket from here?最近的超市在哪?
    Can I pick it up? 我能拿下來嗎?
    Do you have a bigger (smaller)one? 你有更大(小)的嗎?
    Can you wrap it as a gift? 你能把它作為禮物包裝嗎
    Can you wrap these separately?你能分別包裝嗎
    May I have the form for tax refund?能給我張退稅表嗎
    meat andn poultry 肉品區
    frozen foods 冷凍食品區
    produce 蔬果區
    bakery 麵包區
    canned goods 罐頭區
    dairy products 乳品區
    deli counter 熟食區
    household products 家用品區
    health and beauty care 護膚產品區
    How could it happened? 這怎可能發生
    How much does it cost? 多少錢?
    What’s up from your head?你在想什麼??
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