Hello Brady People!

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    Hello all Freshers or people already study in Bradford!
    I would just like to share some restaurants and cafe with everyone as I am sure food is the most important part for everyone! :eek:clap:

    My favourite cafe in Bradford is Le Cafe Bleu! It is located in North Parade. They do some lovely cakes and desserts and of course coffee! I love going to this cafe for lunch as well as they do some really nice special pasta that I think everyone must go try! Price wise, I dont think they're too expensive. Fair price!

    Bradford also have some famous coffee shop like Costa, Starbucks and Cafe Neros. All are located in the centre, its easy to find! :15:

    If you're looking for restaurant to eat in, I haven't really got any special favourite one, but if you are wanting to eat Chinese food, you can possibly try out Bradford@Buffet! A lot of different dishes and at a fair price. Some famous popular and common restaurants in UK are also Nandos, PizzaHut etc... There are quite a lot of choices in the City Centre.

    Myself also runs a online cake shop on Facebook selling freshly homemade cakes! Please check that out :D Orders are welcome! hehe - - - <a href="https://www.facebook.com/PatisserieChrystal" class="bbcode_url">https://www.facebook.com/PatisserieChrystal</a>

    Also, if you need any help, or got any questions or even if you&#39;ve got some restaurants/ cafe that want to recommend me then please message me or ask for my facebook :)!

    I would love to know more lovely restaurants as I just love exploring and tasting different food so much! :D :162: