Meet us in Taipei this November!

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    Dear students,

    The representative of Leeds Metropolitan University is visiting Taiwan for 2012 UK Educationin Exhibition on 10th - 11th November! This will be a great opportunity for you to meet and speak to a member of our staffs from the University. Come to meet us at the Exhibition Hall 3,Taipei World Trad Centre. We look forward to seeing you there!

    To Alumni - we are also hosting a Alumni Drinks Reception on 11th November at 7pm, venue TBC. , please email Krystyna Januszczak at for further information if you are interested.



    我們同時也歡迎校友回娘家,和我們分享您的學習心得和返國後的職場生活。本次學校代表Krystyna Januszczak 女士將於十一號晚間七點舉辦小型校友聚會,詳情請聯絡 。

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    Dear students,

    An interview opportunity is also available in Taipei if you would like to talk about/submit your application to us. See more details below:

    Student Counselling at the UKEAS Office
    Date: Monday 12 November
    Time: 12:30 onwards
    Contact detail:
    TEL: 022370 9780