Optus prepaid $2 day 可無線上網、通話及簡訊

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  1. 在澳洲的朋友跟我分享的好消息,Optus prepaid $2 day,一天只要澳幣2元就可以無線上網、打電話、傳簡訊,很適合需要暫時使用網路的朋友。有使用才有收費,也就是說如果已經知道明天不需要用網路也不使用簡訊及打電話,只要進入手機設定的data usage-->mobile data關掉即可,但有人打電話給你還是可以接的並不會收費。不過要注意的是若是知道隔天不用的話前一天晚上12點前就要關掉,請留意是以雪梨的時間為主。

    Recharge your $2 Days offer from just $10
    The bigger your recharge, the longer it lasts. So work out what suits you and recharge as you go. And its easy to remember how long your recharge will last - for example $10 last for 10 days, $100 last a massive 100 days.For a $2 daily usage fee you will receive:

    Unlimited national voice calls to Australian mobiles and fixed lines, and 13/1800 numbers*
    Unlimited standard national SMS/MMS to Australian mobiles*
    Unlimited mobile Internet browsing on your mobile handset within Australia

    All for use within Australia.
    * Calls and SMS not available to Pivotel network until approx. Sep 2012

    Terms & Conditions

    6. $2 Days: $2 Days daily usage fee is $2 and includes unlimited: standard national calls, SMS and MMS to Australian digital mobiles (excluding calls to satellite phones); standard national calls to Australian fixed lines; VoiceMail retrieval; mobile internet browsing on your handset within Australia. Calls and text to Pivotel network not available until approx. Sep 2012. Excludes premium SMS and content, international and satellite calling and text, international roaming charges, Zoo content usage charges, video calling, 966 calls, mobile handset tethering and use of non-mobile voice devices. Optus Mobile Fair GoTM policy applies. Timing is based on AEST (the time in Sydney, NSW) regardless of your location. Please adjust your usage to allow for time differences. The usage fee is charged on the first outbound standard national call, SMS, MMS, VoiceMail or mobile internet access each day after 12.00.00am AEST. Usage fee is not charged on days when no outbound standard national call, SMS, MMS or mobile internet access is made. Unlimited standard national daily calls maximum duration is 24 hours. International calls are charged in increments of up to 10 minutes. Daily usage fee inclusions expire on the earlier of: a. 11:59:59pm AEST each day; or b. the time on which you select another offer. If you change from $2 Days to another offer after you have paid your daily usage fee, you will forfeit the benefits available under the $2 Days offer. Me2U is not available with these offers. Recharge voucher expiry $5 is 5 days; $10 is 10 days, $15 is 15 days, $20 is 20 days, $30 is 30 days, $40 is 40 days and $50 is 50 days, $70 is 70 days and $100 is 100 days. Unused credit rolls over when your next recharge is before your credit expiry. Options for $5, $10, $15 and $20 top-ups are not available. Some handsets are set to seek data automatically (eg. email or other apps). This will use the internet and, in some cases, charges will apply. Mobile internet access requires a compatible handset. Optus may in the future require customers to change their internet connection settings to be able to access the internet while on the $2 Days offer.
    17. Rollover: You must recharge a minimum of 24 hours before your credit expires for rollover to apply.
    Optus Prepaid General: Optus Prepaid Mobile Services: A. You may apply for the services by purchasing a Handset Package or SIM Pack and providing the required user information. If Optus accepts your application, Optus will supply the services to you on the terms of Optus Standard Agreement for supply of the Optus Prepaid Mobile Service (Standard Agreement - See optus.com.au/standardagreements
    B. Optus makes no representation whatsoever as to the extent of the mobile digital coverage in the areas in which you intend to use the service. Optus coverage maps are available at any Optus outlet or optus.com.au/coverage
    C. The Optus Prepaid Mobile service cannot be used outside Australia to access SurePage, SureFax, Fax and Data services, 19XX calls or call hold/wait and call diversion services. D. Call credits are not transferable or redeemable for cash. E. GST is not payable at the time the Recharge Voucher is purchased. GST is included in the call charges rate plan. Optus Mobile Fair GoTM policy applies to all offers. Offers may be changed or withdrawn without notice to you.
    For the most up to date information visit optus.com.au/callingoffers Information correct as at 16 July 2012. SingTel Optus Pty Limited ABN 90 052 833 208.