Please enter if you are UQ students or know Living

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  1. I find some data about it but I have some doubt so hope members can help me.

    Please look below table:
    Weekly Average On-campus Off-campus
    Electricity/gas 0 30
    Phone 30 30
    Food and Grocery食品雜貨 10 80
    Public Transport 10 20
    Health 15 15
    Entertainment 30 30
    Photocopy/Printing/Stationery 10-20(choose 15) 10-20(choose 15)
    Textbooks 20 20
    Personal 15 15
    Unexpected 10 10
    Total 155 265

    1: Do you agree that student need to budget AUD$15 in Health, AUD$10-20 in Photocopy/Printing/Stationery per week. I really doubt it because who will need to visit doctor or dentist every two-three weeks if the fee is $40 every time. Moreover, student really need to use 10-20 in Photocopy/Printing/Stationery, I think this data is not true.

    2: Can you tell me what is your living cost at UQ or near there without school fee and rent?

    3: I expect to spend 14000 for 52 weeks but I do not know to prepare how much money for living cost without rent. If I know it, then can decide to rent which level accommodation. Moreover, I also can know that my budget can support me to study how many weeks English Courses?

    Finally, thank your good heart and perseverance to read my bad English.

    I am HKer so I can read Chinese if you want to type it.
  2. Dear koala,

    I can roughly tell you the prices here in Brisbane and around UQ area.

    快餐/便當: AUD$6.5 - AUD$10 (each meal per person)
    Sandwich: AUD$3 - AUD$4.5 each
    房租: AUD$85 - AUD$120 (per person per week, shared unit)
    1-Zone: AUD$1.8
    2-Zone: AUD$2.6 (UQ City)
    1-Zone 10-trip student bus ticket: AUD$8 (AUD$0.8 per trip)
    Textbook: AUD$95 - AUD$105 for each book
    Mobile Phone: AUD$16 - AUD$30 per month per person
    Home Phone & Phone cards: AUD$70 per month for 2 persons in my case
    Electricity: AUD$80 per month for 2 persons in my case
    ADSL: AUD$59 - AUD$79 per month
    Grocery: AUD$70 per week for 2 persons in my case

    The above prices are for a reasonable living standard, and are not the lowest prices. You can save more money if you do not use any mobile phones, home phones, or ADSLs, walk as much as possible instead of taking buses, borrow books from libraries, use second-hand books, cook cheap food by yourself, etc.
    Don't trust the UQ prospectus !!!