Please, give me advice if you are Tasmani or other

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  1. Firstly, thank your concern.

    Let me introduce me.

    I already get conditional offer of UQ and the condition is to reach 6.5 IELTS.

    I have two plans:

    A:Go to ICTE of UQ for study GE and then EAP and than UQ

    B:Go to English Teacher Center of Tasmania for study GE and then EAP/IELTS PREPARATION COUSE and then UQ

    I know some members are studying ETC of Tas and can you tell me:

    1:Is there less Chinese, specially HK people?

    2:My Reading is much better than Writing and my writing is much better than Listening and my listening also is much better than Oral, that's mean the four stuff are not same level. How am I divided to class by ETC OF Tas? I will be divided to same class for study the four stuff or I will be divided to lower class for study oral and to middle class for study reading and writing.

    3:What is your comment about their courses?

    Other people can give me comment if you want to.

    I pefer studying ETC of Tas more than ICTE of UQ because there is less chinese, that's mean I have more chance to practise my oral and listen. Moreover, I am really poor at oral and listen.

    Another point is cheap, that's mean I can save some money.

    Finally, thank your help
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    在台灣考一次IELTS至少到5才出發到澳洲是出發前的的基本建議. 因為唸書與遊學畢竟不同. 另外, 如果要唸univ, 聽力與口語會影響你的自信與人際關係(如果你想交澳洲朋友), 影響深遠度雖不及閱讀寫作那樣深遠, 但聽不懂及不會問問題, 將會使得學習效果大打折扣. 建議出發前多補強聽說能力.

    先到Tas念語言, 學費會便宜很多, 不過房租不見得. 全部算一下, Brisbane不見得貴到離譜多.

    學校內講中文的人多不多與你要學習的效果應該無關. 省下心力多唸英文會比較有效率.