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    Selly Watch helps keep you one step ahead of a burglar, by letting you know what’s happening in your area.

    Despite students being more prepared for living in the private rental sector, you are still more prone to burglary than other sets of people. The very nature of student living lends itself perfectly to burglary, as there is often poor quality security, a lack of vigilance and empty houses in the evenings and at vacation time. Students can sometimes be targeted as they often have valuable items such as laptops, televisions, phones and ipods. Commonly there are multiple students living in one house and one area, making you an attractive target to burglars.

    1 in 3 students will be a victim of crime during their time at university (half of which crimes being burglary or theft), 71% of students say they are not concerned by crime.

    The Selly Watch scheme will provide Selly Oak residents with the knowledge and awareness to ensure you remain safe and can enjoy your time at university crime free. The Selly Watch website gives you all the information, contacts, facts and figures about crime in Selly Oak, how to prevent it and what to do if you’re a victim. You can also sign up to the free Selly Watch text and email service that will update you on any alerts relevant to you.

    Bournbrook suffers over three times the regional rate for burglary. Be aware of what’s happening – sign up to Selly Watch!