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    Hi. I realise this is probably a pretty weird request, but I'm desperate at the moment so just trying my luck!
    I'm an MSc candidate at Oxford University who has graduated from HKU last year with a BEd. I'm just got a job offer from a school in Taichung to teach English but they told me as someone with only a HK passport, I need someone to be a 'guarantee' to get an Alien Residence Certificate to be able to work in Taiwan legally.
    I'll need a Taiwanese citizen who's in Taiwan working full-time (so basically would be looking for alumni here) who will be willing to do the following:
    第 十九條
    第 二十條
      一、 保證被保證人確係本人,無虛偽不實情事。
      二、 負責被保證人居留期間之生活。
      三、 被保證人有依法須強制出境情事,應協助有關機關將被保證人強制出境。
    As i've mentioned, I understand this would be a weird thing to ask strangers to do for me, but I'm just seeing if I could get help somewhere as the school said they cannot help me with this and will not be able to hire me if I cannot find anyone, and I don't have family in Taiwan.
    If you can help please email me at [email protected], thanks!