Taiwan society in Aberdeen

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  1. Designer

    Designer Guest

    Hello, my name is Tom
    I was wondering how many Taiwanese there are in Aberdeen and whether you'd be interested I starting a Taiwanese society like many other parts of the country have? Though not Taiwanese myself, I do have ties to the island and have lived there for a few months. Anyone interested?
    你好, 我是 Tom
    Hope to hear from you soon,
  2. EEL

    EEL Guest

    Hi Tom
    Welcome to Aberdeen! As far as I know, only myself and another guy are studying in Aberdeen, but there are quite a few working here as well.
    Feel free to keep in touch and nice to meet you:)
  3. Chan-Hou

    Chan-Hou Guest

    Hi 大家好

    I will be interested to join any taiwanese community. Been in aberdeen for a couple of years. Though not a student anymore, I am happy to meet you guys.