Transport in Nottingham

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    Hi to all students from Taiwan. I noticed in our student accommodation that many non-UK students come to Nottingham without checking the transport system first. Nottingham is a large city, the transport system is effective but you need to know how to get to your accommodation from your university and vice versa.

    This is a list of companies operating in Nottingham



    Please use Google Map to check the distance between your university and your accommodation by using the postcode:

    Nottingham Trent University
    City Centre Campus: NG1 4BU
    Clifton Campus: NG11 8NS
    Brackenhurst campus: NG25 0QF

    Nottingham University

    Jubilee Campus: NG8 1BB
    King's Meadow Campus: NG7 2NR
    Sutton Bonington Campus: LE12 5RD
    Medical Schools and Nursing Centres: NG5 1PB
    University Park Campus: NG7 2RD